Namitha chaudhary

Co founder& secretary

Namitha chaudhary started her journey of choti si khushi with only five kids of daily labourers working in her neighborhood. Today that number has increased to 300 children and three centers. Her social work is not only about giving education to these kids but also it has increased many folds of their lives by making them empowered with personality development and awarness. Namitha is also empowering womens and girls with education and various such initiatives. Also women and girls are being trained by her initiative for self defence with the help of delhi police. Namitha is spreading awarness amongst women about their rights and various schemes launched by Delhi government to empower the weeker section. Under her guidance various skill development are also part of women oriented program at the NGO. She is an NGO representative with the SMC team of goverment school in dwarka. Besides that she is a nominated member of Bal Ayog ( EWS admission). For her contribution to the society her efforts has been recognized and honoured by community as well as the administration and media.