Udaan – a feather to fly in the sky

Udaan is an innovative idea of Choti Si Khushi to rehabilitate the derailed children due to drugs and the bad activities .The concept of Uddan has been made to build the confidence level in those children and make them realise their importance for the society and their family.  Under the initiative a pilot project is under process in which about 10-15 students of various classes from 6th to 10th are taking classes of academics and personality development.

The Udaan has made its concept practical and successful by making five kids free from drugs and 7 to get rid of bad activities like gambling. Those children are now doing well in academics and moreover want to do something different for the families and the society.

Udaan also has built the confidence of those children who had to leave the schools under pressure of family and social evils and bad companies. Those children are taking interest in study and have accepted their weak point to work upon.

The concept has been in practice for last three month. It has a model of six month to get them completely back to the track so that they could shape their future by self confidence and ability.