Our Story

Choti si Khushi is a community based, volunteer-driven program to bridge the rising disparity in opportunities for children residing in urban slums. The program aims at nurturing the hopes, dreams, ambitions of these kids and attempts to raise the quality of lives of these children by means of education, empowerment, regular counseling and professional trainings. 

Majority of children in our establishment belong to families where parents have never been to schools, and their children are the first generation learners. Due to poor economic conditions and nature of job of their parents, these children often do not get the required home support. We focus on providing after school facilitation classes to boost the foundation by channelizing the local communities and utilizing the available resources like community parks. 

Ms Seema Joshi,The President and Ms Namita Choudhary,The General Secretary of Choti si Khushi initiated their work with underprivileged children of  Dwarka ,New Delhi .However they have perceived a larger picture an envisioned an organization who would work for the all-round development of the families of these children by including the mothers and other women of the household.

Choti si Khushi was registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Registration Number S/RS/SW/1317/2015 with a distinct goal to work towards mainstreaming these slum children by getting them admission in Government  and MCD schools and by providing skill development and literacy to the women so that they can lead a life with dignity.

Choti si Khushi has a strong belief that community participation would bring the desirable change in our society. It is one of the objectives of the organization to attract more and more people as volunteers so that the society can understand the need of these children and participate in their development.

Our Mission

To make these children and women self-dependent and an asset to the society.

Our Values

Every child is unique and should be given a right for education.

Every child should be given an opportunity to explore his/her talents.

Women of the society should be literate and empowered to make a living of their own.

We believe in making the organization and all beneficiaries self –reliant

Our Approach

We work with volunteer participation who comes from different walks of life. Our approach is to give a holistic development to these children and women by addressing their specific needs.

What we do-

  1. We give children support to clear their basic concepts which they are not able to in the school sometimes.
  2. We help the children to get admission in the formal school through EWS.
  3. We provide them opportunity to explore their talents by giving them exposure to different extracurricular activities like music, art, sports etc.
  4. We conduct spoken English classes for them so that they can compete with the modern world.
  5. We conduct literacy classes for the women and give them training for skills like stitching, knitting, beauty services etc. So that they can earn their own money.
  6. We conduct self- defense workshops for women and girls.
  7. We provide counseling to the children and the women we work with.
  8. WE build capacities of families through skill development programs so that they can take better care of their children.
  9. We conduct workshops to make the families aware of social issues like drugs, domestic violence etc.